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Finally. A Break.

Started break Wednesday after my class. I'm debating what to do over break.

Cedar Point at some point. I think with Sarah and some other people (Kyle, wanna go?). Maybe Josh if he isn't a bum about it.
Washington DC. With Austin and his mom, aunt, and uncle (Monday and Tuesday)
Gettysburgh (maybe) with mom, shannon, linz (Thursday)
Scrapbook, take some pics for printing color next quarter (yay!!)
Scan some pics for my deviant site because it's pretty empty, and the ones in there were done with a crappy scanner and look like butt.
Get license (maybe)
Moving rooms Sunday into a triple with Sarah and Maria. Excited about that! :)
Start work once the orchard opens and when we actually have fruit.

And that's all I have so far. Any suggestions for a (broke) 20yr old without a clue as to what to do over summer break?

Anywhootles, I need to go clean Grandma's house for her. I also need a shower.
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