Kelly (nitroflory) wrote,

Busy Busy Busy

Warning: Boring

Finals are over and I have two weeks off, thank goodness. Now I can actually work other than weekends (when I only get appr. $60) and make a little bit more money. I worked 6 hours today and will work most likely about 11 this weekend, and hopefully grab some hours next week. I have bills to pay off, blah. I love my PSP, though, so I'm not regretful. Also, I'm hoping to buy the second season of Arrested Development when it comes out in October, and save for christmas presents.

I have a photo shoot set up with someone and their adorable little puppy, can't wait for that.

What a boring entry. I need to find a place to live, and soon. Maria and I have been looking, but haven't found a cheap, nice place we can go to and from AIP by bus. Athough we only have two days next quarter that we'll stay in Pittsburgh. So whatever.

Like I said, boring entry. You shouldn't have read it if you did.
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